We offer gift certificates to use within our online store ranging from £10 up to £100. These are a great gift idea for a special occasion or to give to the ones you love. We have multiple themes for you to choose from, such as Wedding, Birthday or simply a generic design.

Gift certificates are valid for 365 days and are non refundable. Once you have selected your gift certificate you can print it out to give to your recipient, or you can send it in an email as an e-voucher.

We have created a quick FAQ section below to help you select all the options you need for your perfect gift certificate.


Gift Certificate FAQ


Q: How do I Find the Gift Certificate section?

A: The Gift Certificate button can be found at the top right hand of the website next to "Account" or for mobile users can found at the bottom of the menu tab. Alternatively you can click here to jump right to it. 


Q: What details Should I fill in?

A: You must fill in all forms to be able to add your chosen gift certificate to your basket. When filling in the recipient section, if you do not wish the recipient to be sent an email, please enter your email address or an alternative for it to be sent to. This will enable you to print of the voucher and give it to them as a surprise.


Q: How do I personalise my gift certificate?

A: You can personalise your gift certificate by adding your recipients name and also a message by filling in the message form. These will be displayed on your gift certificate. You can also select one of our many themes available to personalise for a specific event. Once all your details have been entered, press the preview button to see a representation of what it will look like.


Q: How Do I Use Them?

A: Gift Certificates can be redeemed online at the checkout stage by viewing your cart and scrolling down to Gift certificate. On pressing this button the option to enter in your unique gift certificate code becomes available and will be applied to your cart. If you don't add it here don't worry, There is a second chance to add in the information as you progress through the checkout process and get to the "Order Conformation" step. If your order comes to less than your gift certificate value the remaining balance will be stored on your gift certificate for use at a later date.


 Q: How Do I Check My Balance?

A: You can check your balance at any time by going to the "Gift Certificates" menu and selecting the "Check Gift Certificate Balance" button. Simply enter your unique Gift Certificate Code and press "Check Balance". Your remaining balance will now be displayed.


Q: Can I get a refund for my Gift Certificate?

A: Gift Certificates are non refundable and by purchasing you have given your consent and understanding of this when selecting the "I understand Gift Certificates are non refundable" check box. If however you would like to convert your Balance into store credit please contact us and we will be happy to oblige.